Last Day of School

He gazed out from among the trees,

the gazelles running freely;

He remembered when he was part of that crowd,

when he would roam those grassland halls;

But, he had graduated today,

To a whole new level of Life;

He felt a sudden tinge of nostalgia,

wondering how he could move on alone;

There was movement in the trees, and he saw,

Others of his class, looking at the same view;

He felt a smile deposit on his face, and

He closed his eyes as a tear rolled down;

He wasn’t alone, for there were more like him,

And they would hunt together now;

He was no Lone Wolf, he realized

the entire Pack of Wolves of Astana,

is by his side.


The Butterfly

She was made of the darkness, breathed into life by light;

Running into the fire, emerging with ice;

She moved with the wind, with the oceans at her feet;

The Sun her left eye, the Moon her right,

Mighty Jupiter the power of her might;

She roared into the Cosmos and created

Black Holes.

She closed her eyes and let the world die;

She opened her eyes and let herself live;

Basking in the blood of all that They destroyed.

She ran into the night, to bring back the Dawn,

ran into the daylight, to save the Dusk;

She roared with satisfaction, the Savior Soul;

Then crawled back into the darkness,

The Butterfly in her Cocoon.



Torrential Downfall

If you follow environment/weather news on a daily basis, you might have noticed an increasingly worrisome pattern of crazy amounts of rainfall and high-velocity winds. Sure, this phenomenon is nothing new in the history of the planet, but the frequency of its occurrence is alarming.

Why are some places getting a year worth of rain in just a few minutes?

As we all know, the temperature of the Earth has risen. This rise in temperature has led to warmer air – warmer air leads to higher moisture holding capacity. Basically, warmer planet leads to warmer air which then leads to more rainfall.

Another factor that increases the moisture holding capacity of air is hygroscopic nuclei. These are minute solid and liquid particles, such as smoke particles from fires or volcanoes, ocean spray or tiny specks of wind-blown soil. These attract water molecules. At the moment, there are more than 20 active volcanoes at the moment, not to mention air pollutants such as sulfur dioxide (which is also hygroscopic).

Warm, moist, unstable air, with a sufficient number of hygroscopic nuclei, is the necessity for rainfall to happen.  The ongoing splurge of rainfall around the planet is a direct result of the anthropogenic industrial activity.

We heated up the planet, which in turn heated the air, leading to more moisture in clouds, which meant more inches of rainfall around the world.


Bright Darkness

There comes a point in everyone’s life when they feel they cannot go on and only this is how good things can get.

Since the last couple of years, I was going down a dark tunnel and  I had begun to believe that there was nothing I could do to change my life. The truth is that it is NEVER too late to change your life. Most of the time, when we are stuck in a bad situation, it is because we are too scared to make the necessary choices and firm decisions to get out of that situation. It could be because you are attached to a person, place or even addicted to something that could be ruining your life.

I almost died at the beginning of this year, and staring at Death in the face was exactly the wake-up call I needed. It is not necessary, however, to let things get to that point, in order to change. I lived my life thinking of others, scared of displeasing people and doing anything possible to make them happy. But once I got my life back, I started cutting out of the people, things, and situations that no longer seemed right for me.

I still have a hard time speaking up and displeasing people, but that only happens with my family now. The outside world, friends included, no longer get any preferential treatment, simply because, I decided that it is time for me to look out for myself.

No matter how hard things get, always try to find solutions to make things better. Running away, cutting yourself, escaping through the use of drugs or being suicidal is not the answer. Your life is yours and, yours only.

Brighten the Darkness with the light of Change.



Fine on my own!

She was made of colours

Bursting into flames,

Like the clouds crashing

Into the mountains;

But this was never

Only about her;

It was always about

Something bigger than

Her or even you!

She looked around, and

found herself alone;

But when she looked inside,

Everything she needed,

Was right there.


Dream 1: Self-Dependent

Walking together, crossing the bridge,

Her mind content, her mind at peace;

She looked at her, the one who gave her life;

And she knew everything was all right.

Walking, walking, they reached a

muddy path; suddenly,

her Maa ran, ran so fast that

her raw screams didn’t even make it.

Was this a test? Alone and abandoned,

she realized: She needed to be:


Awakening, Musings

Manipulations on my Mind

I wanted to do journalism because I believed (well, still believe) that it is one of the most powerful tools of changing the world.

The sad truth is that it is just another way of advertising. Most of our news these days is about terrorism, celebrities, sports, rich people and blah blah blah. I don’t care how rich someone is or what celebrities are doing or who is winning what.

But the importance of such crazy mass-following has become ingrained in 99.9% of all people- especially our generation.

Everything around us influences us in subtle ways, but the impression is permanent. All of this fan-following turns us into nothing more than sheep. The more followers the better. And please, just because you got followers on facebook or instagram does not make you a leader; you are simply selling yourselves (which I guess in a way makes you a prosititute).

Yes yes, I know it is easy to hate. But tell me, will your celebrities or sportspersons or rich people save the planet? You might know everything about all the “successful” people you follow (read: STALK) but do you know that back-to-back hurricanes have been battering the Caribbean? Do you know it is because the ocean waters’ temperature is above average? Do you know this is happening because of climate change? Do you care?

This is our Dark Age. You might think you know about alot of things and so much information is at your fingertips, but really, how much of that information is actually of any use?

I know me saying these things will make no difference; I am just another voice of those 0.01% who are shouting in vain to awaken you.

Go ahead and watch that match or that show you can not miss or live without. Until then, let’s hope the planet will figure out how to save itself.

Leo Murasaki Out.