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The Sacredly Profane Capitalist World

Today I read this passage that talked about Capitalism is just a profit making mechanism and how religion is used to censure protests of the working class. It got me thinking about the nature of capitalism and religion.

Have you ever thought about the payment structure of society? The people who clean our streets and the drainage system are paid so little. The teachers who are considered to be the sculptors of our young generation are paid like a dime compared to the people who are working in the corporate sector as managers. Why such disparity? Shouldn’t jobs be paid according to their social relevance? Why are corporate jobs so highly paid when, to be honest, they don’t really play a role in elevating poverty or providing education? This is something that has never really made any sense to me. So what if the corporates boost the economy? Is that really all that matters now? And is this because the world now has majorly become a capitalist world?

Then comes the topic of religion. What really is religion? Is there really any religion left on this planet which still has the essence of being a religion? They all seem like profit-making bodies to me or, countries simply go to war in the name of religion. Where is our humanity?  If there is a God somewhere, I am pretty sure he must be super upset with us and has probably stopped giving a shit about us because of our majorly idiotic way of life.

How do we expect the world to be a better place when everyone just wants to get a corporate job and make money? Who is going to think about or elevate those who have less or even nothing? How can we teach the children of the world, compassion or educate them to become wonderful humane leaders, when the teachers who teach them are frustrated and underpaid?

I know I have asked more questions than I have answered today. But to be honest, even I don’t know the answers to these questions. All I know is that a change is required.

Will you lay awake and ponder about our sacredly profane capitalist world tonight?



Dear God, or Goddess?

In these past couple of days, I have come to realize that humans killing humans has now become an inherent natural way of life. In the beginning, when there were just a handful of civilizations strewn about the Earth, they:

(a) had no idea that the other existed (most probably)

(b) had similar religions and hence no reason to fight against each other

(c) loved peace and prosperity and could achieve it without killing everyone else off.

Yet of course, those civilizations still died off. Which, to be honest, is understandable, as anything man-made cannot possibly last forever.

In our time, however, we haven’t really seen peace. I was born in 1992, just a year after the great USSR got disintegrated and the Cold War had finally come to an end (did it though really?) and the world temporarily knew peace.

Now, with everything happening in the world and so many conflicts going on all around the world and a possible world war 3 drastically becoming a reality, peace seems to be all the more a far fetched fantasy.

Most of the Western world, is now involved in the Syrian conflict. And the Middle Eastern countries have made an alliance together (leaving out Syria, Iran and Iraq) and Russia is gearing up its allies for war in Syria and everything is going completely haywire in the world! Africa and its on-going conflicts has gone off the radar in the media and hence in the public eye.

The East which seems to be enjoying peace, is being struck by the force of Mother Nature instead! Constant earthquakes in the Himalayan belt, is now making people realize that something bigger is coming and some potential change is about to happen to the Himalayas (that last part is something that I realize, don’t know about other people).

So yeah, while humans are busy killing humans for God knows what purpose, Mother Nature has joined in too! Mother Nature be like, ‘yo! you forgot this part of the world, but don’t worry! Imma be giving them natural disasters. Just helping you out!’

Humans killing humans, Mother Nature killing humans, God sitting upstairs and watching everything unfold. He probably doesn’t want to save us either, so he simply watches and make notes, making sure (hopefully) that his next creation is more peace loving and filled with brotherly and sisterly love towards each other. I am still kind of rooting and hoping that there is a Goddess who is running the scene though, then I know for sure, that there is a better creation on its way after us humans get wiped off the face of the planet.

*fingers crossed for a better future for the planet*


To Be or Not To Be?

Most of the common duality that is found in nature can be explained. Night and Day?; Rotation of the Earth. Winter and Summer?; Revolution around the Sun.

Then why, has nobody tried to give a solid explanation about the duality that exists within all of us? The constant battle of the Mind and Soul? They contradict each other on a lot of levels, yet they co-exist within us. Why is there no explanation for this?

These days there is so much talk about dropping the Ego that stems from the mind and looking inward to the Soul for direction and guidance. Then why do we have Mind at all? The funny thing is that we are told to use our mind when dealing with the world and to go through our daily business but our soul connects us to our spiritual side and hence, the mind and everything that goes on it and whatever it makes us see as reality is actually all an illusion. But why? If the mind and its manifestations are nothing more than an illusion, then maybe mind itself is an illusion and the soul is the only true source of the truth.

But why have such complications in life anyway? And these are not complications that we can get rid of in a day or two, these are settings that we are born with. The mind is impressionable and in constant flux. The mind is which convinces us so strongly that everything that is happening right now is the truth and it makes us conform to societal and religious norms. The mind believes that yes, the money we are making, and building a life is very important as if that were the reason we were born for. We have our technology, our plans, our success and material wealth that we are all running after. For what? Simply so we can survive. But darlings, survival is not living, is it?

How many of us, have jobs that start in the morning and keep on going till sometimes 9 or 10 in the night? What really are we running after? Why are we working so hard? To make money, as society wants us to believe. But really, our mind tricks us into following the mass amount of humanity that is blinded by money lust and money has such importance in our lives simply because without it you can not survive in these times anymore. If you have money, then you are something in this world. Otherwise you are just another animal waiting to get slaughtered. And this is not something that I am saying. If you just take a break from your daily life and start being a little observant and aware of your surroundings, you will see that I am right.

Our mind believes in the government, the system, societal norms, differences and divides, the rat race and everything that has to do with the greatness of human civilization. Our soul on the other hand, is a different story.

Enlightenment, for me, simply means that your soul is the one that has won the battle against the mind. So many of us, while doing our daily business, keep having this feeling in the back of our heads that something is really messed up with the world and try to think about it and figure it out. That is your soul, trying to knock you out of the illusion that we all are collectively living.

The soul is the one that realizes that all the differences and divides that we have created, are just that: CREATED. They are not real. We all are one. We think that just  because we have the power to think and make decisions that we are supreme and powerful. But we are not. If we actually thought that way, we would not be building huge concrete structures to keep us safe. Earthquakes can tear them apart in seconds anyway!

But the thing is, yeah, we are different from other animals on this planet. We can make our own decisions. Right? But how have we used that to help other animals? How have we made this planet better for anyone? All this technology, money and bullshit that people say that we have gained, how the fuck is it helping anyone? Most of us are on the streets, or dying of hunger or getting raped. Our mind has corrupted us so much and yet we have no eyes to see it.

We think animals don’t have the power to think. Why? Because animals follow certain patterns in life. Well, so do we. Yet we think we do it out of free will. We all have our daily routines and annual patterns right? We have festivals in every religion, and we follow traditions. Animals do that too. Who are we to say that they have not created those patterns just as we have created our own? These animals pre-date us. They were born before us and have been living here even before we arrived on the scene. They had a lot of years to create their set pattern of life. Plus, how much do we as humans spend time with animals and think we have the right to judge them?

Women are seen as being a part of nature because they are emotional and sensitive. Wow. As if men, using their minds have done anything great with this world that is actually improving this planet. Men are in power because it is thought that men are more equipped to deal with politics and blah blah. All men can do is go to war over petty reasons. Over women, over oil, over anything really. They need the satisfaction of their egos and their bodies. Men are too controlled by their minds. That is why, they think creating buildings or political and economical systems are their footprints on Earth. When really, once civilization breaks down (which it will) and when the Earth begins to erupt and shake (which it will), everything will be in the past.

We, humans are one selfish race. In our battle between mind and soul, sadly the mind has won over many – well most of us- and that has caused all the mayhem on this planet today.

Try being a little aware towards your surroundings. This is nothing but an illusion. Sensitivity and emotions are part of the soul. Try using them once in a while.

We all are one. All life is sacred. No God from above is coming to save us. God is within us. Our soul is God and our mind is the Devil. Think about it. Let it all sink in. And then, do something about it. Save this planet from the Devil, let God take over once and for all.