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Removing the Wires

Have we been wired (or re-wired) into running away from differences?

Whether it is making friends or finding your soulmate, why is there always so much emphasis on finding similarities? Yes, I know there are sayings such as  “opposites attract” and whatever, but think about it.

When we are kids and we are put into schools, we are taught how to think, what to like, what is right and what is wrong etc., which brings a certain uniformity among all of us. As our school life continues and we become teenagers, the more we stand out from others, the more ostracized we are. The cool kids are the ones who are getting laid, getting drunk, who know everything there is to know about all the hot and happening celebrities. Those who are super smart and studious get the distinction of being nerds and then there are the jocks and cheerleaders.

Then there are a few people who do not fit into any of those categories and they just have a very different outlook than others around them. These are the ones who are left alone, seen as suspicious and just down-right WEIRD.

We are taught into sticking with the people who are the most like us, whether it’s our friend circle or life partner. That is sad, to be honest. The more we hang out with people who are different from us, who have different viewpoints and opinions and actually think on a deeper level about things that matter, IT IS US WHO ARE BENEFITED THE MOST.

So much of the hate that is being generated in the world and spreading at an obnoxious level is because we have become prejudiced, bigoted and narrow-minded. We find it easier to just believe whatever it is that the media and the governments tell us, instead of finding out the truth for ourselves.

When we were babies, we had such curiosity about everything! If someone told us something was hot, we didn’t listen! We went and touched it and got burnt and then we believed it.

I am not saying become paranoid and be skeptical about every single thing on the planet. All this hate that is consuming our planet, is it benefiting anyone? Can you look at your children without feeling a shred of pain for the children dying everyday in conflict-ridden places on this very planet that we all share?

No religion ever taught hatred. No color is evil. No race is superior.

WE ARE HOMO SAPIENS. Each and every one of us. Everything else is just labels. And please, labels are soooo high school.

Remove the wires that have been constructed by society; open your heart and understand your fellow human beings.

Love is what the planet needs. Love is what will bring peace. No war can ever give us what we need.

Breathe in love, Breathe out love.

I see you my fellow human beings. I am here for you. We all are here for you.

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The Mystery of History

What exactly is history? How can we determine what happened in the past? How do we know that what is being taught to us about the past is really what happened or not? Everything in the world is to some extent touched by the hand of propaganda.

For example: Many people have a certain prejudice towards communism without really understanding what it really is. We blindly believe what is told to us and we don’t bother doing the research and finding out the truth of the matter for ourselves. In the day and time of the internet, blindly believing in what is being told to you, is a choice.

The sources from which we obtain information about the societies or civilizations of the past, cannot be completely accurate. Every time someone writes a sentence, there is always some sort of bias that inevitably comes into play.

These days there is so much Islamophobia going around the globe, and honestly, how many of us truly even what Islam is about? Governments always have a hidden agenda. Break out of the barriers and see that we are all one. We are all human beings with equal right to a happy life.

The history that is taught to us, in the same way, has some sort of propaganda attached to it. It is important to research facts and use the internet to its maximum potential. The internet has all the information and knowledge that we know of; Why not broaden our horizons and the way we use the internet for something other than just entertainment?

Curiosity may have killed the cat; but healthy skepticism has only made man wiser.




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The Sacredly Profane Capitalist World

Today I read this passage that talked about Capitalism is just a profit making mechanism and how religion is used to censure protests of the working class. It got me thinking about the nature of capitalism and religion.

Have you ever thought about the payment structure of society? The people who clean our streets and the drainage system are paid so little. The teachers who are considered to be the sculptors of our young generation are paid like a dime compared to the people who are working in the corporate sector as managers. Why such disparity? Shouldn’t jobs be paid according to their social relevance? Why are corporate jobs so highly paid when, to be honest, they don’t really play a role in elevating poverty or providing education? This is something that has never really made any sense to me. So what if the corporates boost the economy? Is that really all that matters now? And is this because the world now has majorly become a capitalist world?

Then comes the topic of religion. What really is religion? Is there really any religion left on this planet which still has the essence of being a religion? They all seem like profit-making bodies to me or, countries simply go to war in the name of religion. Where is our humanity?  If there is a God somewhere, I am pretty sure he must be super upset with us and has probably stopped giving a shit about us because of our majorly idiotic way of life.

How do we expect the world to be a better place when everyone just wants to get a corporate job and make money? Who is going to think about or elevate those who have less or even nothing? How can we teach the children of the world, compassion or educate them to become wonderful humane leaders, when the teachers who teach them are frustrated and underpaid?

I know I have asked more questions than I have answered today. But to be honest, even I don’t know the answers to these questions. All I know is that a change is required.

Will you lay awake and ponder about our sacredly profane capitalist world tonight?


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Where are We Going?

I know that there are days when we on an individual level ask ourselves, ‘where is my life going?’; But, I think it is time for us to question where we are going as a species.

We continue killing each other on a daily basis; we continue killing the planet on a daily basis; and for what exactly are we doing all this killing for? For money? For power? Really, ask yourself, where is all this violence coming from? And why? Why can’t we be a peaceful, loving, compassionate species?

What the planet truly needs right now is for to us to step up and make drastic changes on an individual level. Think of the way you are living your life and how you can help in becoming the change that the world so desperately needs right now.

We have been given this life for a purpose. We have been born at this time and place for a reason. We are not supposed to live out the rest of our lives in some office, making money and simply getting married and having children; we are required by the mind and the power that has been given to us in the form of our biological inheritance to live a life that matters. We have been put on this planet to beautify it, to make it better.

The climate has already started changing. Is this really the legacy that we want to leave behind? That we killed a planet, and while it was dying along with the other peaceful inhabitants, we continued having wars and killing each other off? Is this what it means to be human?

This planet needs love and compassion now, more than ever; otherwise the path that we are raging on, leads only to one place: a burning planet, burning people and a slow, charring death.

Be the Change. The world needs you. The planet is waiting.

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The Advertising and Marketing War

There is a funny pattern that has taken over the globe, that many people have not stopped to notice and think about as of yet.

You must be familiar with the Arms Race that started after the end of World War II. We might think that this race ended with time but honestly, it still exists. This time, instead of hiding it; it is right there under our very noses.

Have you wondered how terrorists and local militant groups get arms? The people who make the arms. The defense sector is a lucrative industry, but that industry will end unless they do not get reasons to continue expanding and making new arms and weapons. What are those reasons? Sudden rise of new groups that are working against the system and decided upon taking up arms and weapons for their cause.

When these people take up arms and weapons, the defense industry uses their powerful media influence to terrorize people and show them that see, we need to make new and more powerful weapons, so that we can keep you safe.

Then the countries that are involved in the wars going on in the Middle East, Africa, or any part of the world really with any conflict, show off these weapons and other countries get impressed and want to buy them.

This is the form that the arms race has taken in our day and time now. So many factors go into the making of a war, this is just one way of looking at.

Next time, you are watching a war movie or just some media recording of a war, ask yourself: Is what I am seeing just another form of advertisement, just for something much more worse and lethal than alcohol and cigarettes…?

Question Everything.


What is Addiction?

As we grow up, we develop tendencies of having addictions. The thought popped up in my head a while ago and it made me wonder, why do we get addicted to something?

When we were children, we did not really get addicted to anything. Sure, we loved ice cream or had a favorite dish, but it wasn’t like we would have withdrawal symptoms or anxiety attacks if we didn’t get what we wanted.

Here is what I think happens as we grow up and leave our childhood behind.

As children, we have no worries in the world; our emotions are a 100% pure but fleeting and any negative emotion would not last a long time. We are protected, loved and cared for by our parents and siblings and we don’t have to really worry about anything. Even studies are not a burden at that time in our life and everything is easily available to us.

When we reach adolescence, we reach a point in our lives where we need to start thinking about our careers and our future: things that take us out of our protected and loving environments into the world that we fear. A world of unknown things, people, hate, dishonesty and pure struggle for survival. I think this is where stress and anxiety enters our lives. Even education at this point, becomes a scary burden that determines whether we have a secure future or a desolate one.

By the time we leave school and enter college, we have gone from being teenagers to young adults, and enter an institution that prepares us for our place and role in society. Even by this time, we might be free of addictions. Life is still fun and we are still young.

Once college ends, the scary life of an adult begins. The struggle for a job, to earn a livelihood, to find a partner that you can start a family with etc. You know where I am going with this. Once this part of our life begins, getting addicted to something seems like a necessity. Now is the time in our lives when are unable to cope with the stress, the depression, the anger of being alone and having to deal with life without the safety of that loving environment that was provided to us as children.

Addiction happens when something is used to repress an emotion or emotions in general. Addiction can happen with anything. Sugar, fried foods, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs etc. Sure, many people try many of the above mentioned things in college, but that is for recreational purposes and hence isn’t used for repressing or replacing emotions but just for fun experimenting.

As adults, we become so terrified of our emotions and feelings that we feel it is best to distract our minds and numb ourselves by becoming addicted to something. And that addiction becomes life threatening but we are too numb to notice what it is doing to our bodies and minds.

Dealing with emotions as an adult is perhaps something that many of us have forgot to learn while we were busy growing up. The era of the rise of meditation around the globe, is perhaps to detoxify and save us from harmful addictions and instead tackle the main problem, our emotions. Learning how to deal with our emotions in a healthy way is the best way to ensure a happy, long life and positive attitude.

So the next time, you are yearning for something you are addicted to, ask yourself: WHAT EMOTION OR FEELING AM I TRYING TO REPRESS? HOW CAN I DEAL WITH IT IN A HEALTHY WAY?

And your addiction may just miraculously disappear.


To Be or Not To Be?

Most of the common duality that is found in nature can be explained. Night and Day?; Rotation of the Earth. Winter and Summer?; Revolution around the Sun.

Then why, has nobody tried to give a solid explanation about the duality that exists within all of us? The constant battle of the Mind and Soul? They contradict each other on a lot of levels, yet they co-exist within us. Why is there no explanation for this?

These days there is so much talk about dropping the Ego that stems from the mind and looking inward to the Soul for direction and guidance. Then why do we have Mind at all? The funny thing is that we are told to use our mind when dealing with the world and to go through our daily business but our soul connects us to our spiritual side and hence, the mind and everything that goes on it and whatever it makes us see as reality is actually all an illusion. But why? If the mind and its manifestations are nothing more than an illusion, then maybe mind itself is an illusion and the soul is the only true source of the truth.

But why have such complications in life anyway? And these are not complications that we can get rid of in a day or two, these are settings that we are born with. The mind is impressionable and in constant flux. The mind is which convinces us so strongly that everything that is happening right now is the truth and it makes us conform to societal and religious norms. The mind believes that yes, the money we are making, and building a life is very important as if that were the reason we were born for. We have our technology, our plans, our success and material wealth that we are all running after. For what? Simply so we can survive. But darlings, survival is not living, is it?

How many of us, have jobs that start in the morning and keep on going till sometimes 9 or 10 in the night? What really are we running after? Why are we working so hard? To make money, as society wants us to believe. But really, our mind tricks us into following the mass amount of humanity that is blinded by money lust and money has such importance in our lives simply because without it you can not survive in these times anymore. If you have money, then you are something in this world. Otherwise you are just another animal waiting to get slaughtered. And this is not something that I am saying. If you just take a break from your daily life and start being a little observant and aware of your surroundings, you will see that I am right.

Our mind believes in the government, the system, societal norms, differences and divides, the rat race and everything that has to do with the greatness of human civilization. Our soul on the other hand, is a different story.

Enlightenment, for me, simply means that your soul is the one that has won the battle against the mind. So many of us, while doing our daily business, keep having this feeling in the back of our heads that something is really messed up with the world and try to think about it and figure it out. That is your soul, trying to knock you out of the illusion that we all are collectively living.

The soul is the one that realizes that all the differences and divides that we have created, are just that: CREATED. They are not real. We all are one. We think that just  because we have the power to think and make decisions that we are supreme and powerful. But we are not. If we actually thought that way, we would not be building huge concrete structures to keep us safe. Earthquakes can tear them apart in seconds anyway!

But the thing is, yeah, we are different from other animals on this planet. We can make our own decisions. Right? But how have we used that to help other animals? How have we made this planet better for anyone? All this technology, money and bullshit that people say that we have gained, how the fuck is it helping anyone? Most of us are on the streets, or dying of hunger or getting raped. Our mind has corrupted us so much and yet we have no eyes to see it.

We think animals don’t have the power to think. Why? Because animals follow certain patterns in life. Well, so do we. Yet we think we do it out of free will. We all have our daily routines and annual patterns right? We have festivals in every religion, and we follow traditions. Animals do that too. Who are we to say that they have not created those patterns just as we have created our own? These animals pre-date us. They were born before us and have been living here even before we arrived on the scene. They had a lot of years to create their set pattern of life. Plus, how much do we as humans spend time with animals and think we have the right to judge them?

Women are seen as being a part of nature because they are emotional and sensitive. Wow. As if men, using their minds have done anything great with this world that is actually improving this planet. Men are in power because it is thought that men are more equipped to deal with politics and blah blah. All men can do is go to war over petty reasons. Over women, over oil, over anything really. They need the satisfaction of their egos and their bodies. Men are too controlled by their minds. That is why, they think creating buildings or political and economical systems are their footprints on Earth. When really, once civilization breaks down (which it will) and when the Earth begins to erupt and shake (which it will), everything will be in the past.

We, humans are one selfish race. In our battle between mind and soul, sadly the mind has won over many – well most of us- and that has caused all the mayhem on this planet today.

Try being a little aware towards your surroundings. This is nothing but an illusion. Sensitivity and emotions are part of the soul. Try using them once in a while.

We all are one. All life is sacred. No God from above is coming to save us. God is within us. Our soul is God and our mind is the Devil. Think about it. Let it all sink in. And then, do something about it. Save this planet from the Devil, let God take over once and for all.